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Alex James Miller

So I just wonder if I could leave notifications on and still use bedtime mode I have a sick mother and want to hear if she calls or texts through the night but can't say thats going to happen on a certain night like tonight or even at all for the next few years.

Alex, check out the Do Not Disturb options under the Notification section in the Setting app. Enable Repeat caller. Then repeated calls will go through. You can also create exceptions for favorite contacts. You should test and verify that it actually works as expected, though.

Mariela Edgar

Cheers, very helpful!!🌹


Glad I found this article!

I kinda knew it just toggles Do Not Disturb on and off but I wanted to be sure. I went to the Do Not Disturb settings and saw I had them both setup to activate on the same schedule. Now I know Bedtime Mode won't override my Do Not Disturb settings which is the most important to me.