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Scuttlebutt has been around for a long time. Deletion has been requested and proposed throughout the project history. It still hasn't delivered. It doesn't help if some future version supports it when there's no adoption of the newer version and no migration path from where we are today to the new stuff.


I used Manyverse for a while but the storage requirement were ridiculous! It would have helped if the app used compression. I didn't share much but followed some creative folks who used it a lot. It would have been fine if it was just their newest stuff but scuttle pulls in their entire archive!


There's a roadmap and a blog on the Manyverse website if anyone wants info.

Space requirements are addressed by Metafeeds which allows a client to selectively replicate only the data that you want.

And ssb-crut, a library that allows for deletions is already a thing and is in the roadmap for Manyverse.

Anyone can basically make a new SSB client with these new features right now you want to.


Have you investigated the holochain approach? It aims to be as un-opinionated as possible, just surfacing the constraints of a CALM distributed system. A user has one append-only log for each application instance running in a social context.

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