Comments on 5 options for auto-mounting network shares on MacOS

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I came here looking for a tutorial and left better educated as to why automounting Samba isn't a good idea. I never thought about how my Mac would behave on a café or airport wireless network. Obvious in hindsight, but I guess stuff like this is why there's constantly new dataleaks from big businesses.

I set up AutoMounter and made sure to configure it to match my home wifi name. It took about about four minutes. The most complicated part of the process was paying for it in the App Store.

J. Greg

This has annoyed me for years but I never bothered to fix it. Glad this showed up my Google feed.

AutoMounter is $9 not $99 US. The app seems to still receive regular updates so it's probably worth the money.


Bless the blogs. Helpful information for a problem I had for years now.