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This is so cool! I wonder why this idea hasn't caught on. It seems brilliant! I played with something like this years ago but it kept crashing and randomly stopped working. I see this hasn't changed in the years since.

I see you haven't found a good solution for hosting your own videos ...

Alex Voda

You mention there are some earlier implementations of this concept other than PaperWM and EndlessWM.

How can I find these?

I only knew of the 10/GUI concept demo existing before.


I loved this back in the day! I used something resembling i3 with auto scrolling tiled windows back in 2004-2006. There was also a later KDE3 extension but I don't remember the names of eiter.

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender for Windows XP isn’t tiling but it adds infinite scrolling to the window edges, so you can recreate the experience. Their demos focus on this use case.

Fvwm for X11 can be configured to behave like a scrolling [mostly] tiled window manager. Then there’s also the KDE extension, as mentioned by Tim. I’ve only found screnshots of it, though.

I also found a patent for this idea from the early 2000s while researching this, but I didn’t bookmark it.

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