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I used to browse delicious for hours! I had two dozen tags bookmarked in my browser to keep an eye on new stuff as it came in. O don't think I ever saved anything or even had an account. But it was still one of my favorite websites around 2006.


I too miss the site. I lived on in my college years. There was always something new and interesting to read. Digg almost served the same need but thr community there consisted almost exclusively of a*holes.


Ahh, this brings back memories! These days, I'm using Raindrop, which is also pretty decent for bookmark organization (+ tags, highlights, etc).

Wow, is up, I've just logged in !

I can browse my 4940 bookmarks and export them in JSON and HTML. It's also possible to browse through others bookmarks when logged in.


The thing I miss most about delicious was the way it integrated with Firefox back when it was more customizable. I didn't use browser based bookmarks for years until the delicious plugin finally broke.

Jesus Aviles

I feel this way about Stumble Upon!!

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