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I used to love Audioscrobbler! It was the coolest thing on the web for a couple of years. "If it doesn't scrobble it doesn't count!" I can't remember why I stopped using it. Did they start charging for it at some point?


I played this back in the day. It was an okay game. I remember it being unusually expensive. I don't care much for the theme song. My younger brother kept turning on and off the PS2 to restart the game so he could listen to this song over and over. Eventually it wouldn't power on anymore.


I'm a huge 007 fan but have never heard of the game nor the song. I liked it (even though the MP3 quality was atrocious). I agree with you: this is a Bond song and it should be included on the compilation albums! Too bad I can't add it to my Bond playlist on Spotify. 😔


Damn you! I've been humming this song for two weeks now. Not the whole thing just "gimme everything or nothing" over and over.

New Emily

Never heard of the song or artist and I don't care about James Bond. However, I read it and checked my spotify playlists and I'm missing 92 songs! My playlists are huge and it's a small loss but I didn't know songs could disappear! That's just frighting!