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My only grief with “Firefox Translations” is that the public plugin take an eternity to roll out. I’m not even exaggerating when I say “eternity.” The GitHub version added support for French 17 days ago and for Polish 40 days ago, and yet, the public plugin still hasn’t caught up. I wanted to install the GitHub version instead, but unfortunately, it requires a preview release of Firefox (Nightly or Developer Edition). It doesn’t run on stable releases of Firefox, despite multiple tricks I tried.


I've been following the Bergamot project since it's announcement. I must admit I'm disappointed with Firefox Translations. It's a good start but it can't yet help me with any of the languages I regularly need to translate. I'm surprised they didn't include French and Japanese in the first batch of languages!


I've always been uncomfortable using google translate. I hope this will improve significantly over time. I hope other browsers will cooperate with Mozilla and help fund future work in this field.


I didn't know Chrome sent webpages to Google to be translated! I just assumed it happen on my device. Shouldn't there be clearer warnings about such things?

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