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Thanks for the shower tip. My sensors kept falling off but now I can wear my sensor for the full two weeks! Pro tip: Buy the adhesive film patches in bulk. 200 patches cost almost the same as four 12 packs.


Thank you for your input on Freestyle libre 2 . I've been a Diabetic since the 1970s, and things for Diabetics have came along way! However , I received my Freestyle libre 2, last week and I'm now getting ready to use it, I have had quit a few questions conserning it, most have been ansered by reading peoples statements on it, but I still have a few, and yes I'm a little apprehensive on this new blood checking method, you have to understand I was a very young child when I was diagnosed with Brittle Diabetes, my first insulin syringe was glass, my blood work checks was done in the hospital every morning before school and my first take home blood machine was bought and given to me in the eighty's when I was just 19, and then insulin was taken off the shelf's (beef and pork insulin)and man made insulin was put in their place.Boy was I freaking out when that happened !so yes I'm excited and a little scared on using this I asked my Dr. to put in a request for me to get one through my insurance for my husbands peace of mind(I've had 2 mager low insulin episodes were he's had to call EMS. Cane I put reader in my purse, if so will it work , or can I put reader in a small pouch and if so will it still work ? I just want to be able to keep the reader safe , it's so small! And if I get ex-rays of my teeth do I have to take off my sensor!what about a mammogram? Do I take the sensor off before a mammogram ? Well any how I've rambled enough, I hope someone out there can answer those questions I have !