Comments on FreeStyle Libre 3 miniaturizes real-time glucose monitoring

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I've called my insurer and pestered my diateam about getting a Libre 3. I thought it was available everywhere in Europe so I was confused why I couldn't get it in the US. Hopefully it'll be available everywhere soon. Can't wait!!


I didn't know there's a new model!! Finally it's a true CGM! It's so small!!

Won't the smaller NFC antenna (shorter range) make the FreeStyle Libre 3 even more frustrating? You only need to use it once, though. I guess you could activate it in front of a mirror. Impractical for continuous scans but good enough for a once-a-fortnight scan.


Hi, you state that : "The phone receives the glucose measurement and then forwards it to the smartwatch." Could you please elaborate on this point or tell me where you find this information? It is known that Libre2 can be used this way (by using 3rd party app like sDrip). However xDrip acknowledges that they wont support Libre3... This is leaving us with little hope for display on Watches.

Thanks for the article.

> “The phone receives the glucose measurement and then forwards it to the smartwatch.” Could you please elaborate on this point or tell me where you find this information?

It’s from the German end-user documentation regarding compatible devices. It’s linked at the bottom of the article (in the sources section).


Ok thanks. We have the same documentation in FR, but this only means that Alarms can get displayed on the smartwatch (I called Abbott support). Glucose measurements are "locked" in their App.


I'm concerned with Clement's comments that xDrip won't be able to support the libre 3, and I really hope that Abbot doesn't further lock down my own personal health data, hopefully by the time the libre 2 goes out of support we'll have fixed the problem with a 3rd party patch, but the idea of being locked into using a propietry system to access my personal health data isn't great.

Having ran with the Libre 2 for about a year with the patch that lets it work as a full CGM, I can't wait for this to be available to more people, it's really been of great benefit to me.


Good luck with the freestyle libre 3. If it's anything like the freestyle libre 1&2, then it is highly inaccurate. I had freestyle libre and it was always 30 to 100 points difference than my glucose meter

Andrew Shalaby

Problem discovered: When sleeping on sensor sometimes pressure causes minor inflammation that triggers a false very low and sets off alarm. Solution: whip arm around and twist wrist to remove inflammmation fluid from sensor area and returns to normal for a while. Take Motrin or use ice or both, and problem is fixed for good. Usually just one Motrin will fix it.