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Jason Jayhawk

Thank you for posting about this. I too have trouble getting Abbott to listen. The developer and I need to have a talk. I don't think they understand type 1 diabetes. I don't think Abbott realizes all of the small enhancements that could make their app better. I hope the dedicated reading device has an option to turn off the ultra low alarm. Wouldn't that be great if they would open source the signal so that people could roll their own reader software for the Libre 3...

Harlan Harry Rudolf

Does anyone know how to change the low or high alarms to a different tone? I don't have a problem with the volume, but a night I don't wear my hearing aids and the pitch of the alarm is in a range of decible where my hearing loss is unable to hear. Is there a way to change the alarm?

Harlan, you can change it in the settings app on Android. Look for Notifications in settings, and find the Libre app. From there, you can select a different sound.


This happened to me yesterday. I tore off my headphones screaming! It was so loud that I felt dizzy and nauseous for minutes afterward! It could be a physical reaction from the shock more than the loudness. This is a real problem with the Libre system!


Thanks for posting I thought I was going crazy with the DND

Middle of the night alarms were kind of scary

I did complain to Abbott about the app

Tae Kim

You can't disable Libre 3 app from DND permission setting on Android. App will display big message covering most of the screen to turn it back on and will not function until this is done. I'm thinking about going back to finger prick sensor, this is that bad.