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Hello Daniel, thank you very much for this article. It helped me a lot right now as I am reinstalling my banana pi with pihole and an orbsmart minipc to run a couple of docker-hosted services on my own. And I was always struggling with a local domain name. The pihole by default uses ".lan" which was never appealing to me. I was looking around countless articles, but after I filtered my search to show my articles not older than one year, yours popped up and helped me out a lot. Thank you so much.

I hope it is ok for you, if I translate your article into German and post it on my blog with a backlink here.

Thanks again and cheers.

p.s. added your blog to my feed reader. So nice

Hi Carsten. You may translate the article to German for your blog. Please preserve the copyright footer, link back to the original, and include the following in the page’s HTML (ideally in the <head>, but it may appear in the <body>):

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en">

Thank you. Of course, I will put in a back link. HOw to deal with the link rel alternative, I need to find out.

Felix Lehmann

You should remember to create NS records for "" on your DNS server pointing to itself. Otherwise, it might forward queries the root servers anyway.

Really useful article, I must admit I was not aware of RFC 8375 until now. Once I setup a LAN using '.group. as the TLD, before that was a valid TLD. Years later someone registered the domain name with that TLD and things got weird!

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