Comments on How to schedule Folding@home to only run during winter nights

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You might want to change systemd to systemctl for Debian systems.


Much simpler. Add 2 lines to /etc/crontab like:

00 6 * 9-3 * root /usr/bin/FAHClient --send-unpause

15 1 * 9-3 * root /usr/bin/FAHClient --send-pause

Hans Schulze

Excellent. I didn't know there was so much activity in Win10 Task Scheduler.

Creating a task there isn't too hard, editing the XML is a bit more intimidating and possibly scary to unknown potential for virus (non existent, but still people should be wary of editing unfamiliar files).

I did realize that I can tolerate pausing at 9 AM instead of 6 AM, and changed those using the scheduler editor, easy.