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Tim Kaufmann

It also works in Monterey 12.1, thanks!


This actually worked - thank you! Finally get Dvorak-Qwerty to show up at login screen. That's been bugging me for months.

Jose Ruano

Working on Monterey 12.1, thank you!!


Hi I'm on Big Sur 11.6 and it still doesn't work. I don't see the gear even when i add a third or fourth language. I still only see Azerty French on the login screen instead of American like I want.



I cant make the gear button to show. i tried all the methods above, please contact me in email if u know any solution. btw im trying to add a custom keyboard with ukulele and i created the layout file and paste is and everything but cuz ot that is an "other" keyboard layout i cant remove the primary one.

Bill Pollard

This is no longer helpful in Ventura with Apple M2 silicon, but I very much appreciate your having taken the time to share this obscure but, to some users, very important information.