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It all worked...until i tried to use "clone" (so 2xwin10 at same time). The other window with windows shut down or not responding.

I wanted to use clone, to work using second screen. Any tips for that?

The virtual machine can’t be running while you clone. If you’ve got enough RAM, Boxes should let you run multiple VMs at the same time. I sometimes have trouble getting that to work, though. Try right-clicking on the VMs, go to Properties, and toggling Run in the background.

Joaquin Fox

Great post, well written, thorough, clear and accurate. Worked great with my Ubuntu 22.04 host. Thank you!


It works but it has a big disadvantage: it can't transfer single files from guest to host.


Fantastic! Such a big help. I had quite a bit of trouble finding a guide to how to so this and the references I found to the spice project were more confusing than helpful. It's a shame it took me so long to find your guide, maybe some SEO in the starting text would help. Thanks again.


Does the networking work right out of the box without any special configuration? I've installed Windows 7 in a box and it installed the Red Hat VirtIO Ethernet adapter which seems to be working. No ability to ping outside hosts however. Shared folder does not show up because I can't access the web site to install Spice client tools.