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I've seen this feature in Windows for years and years but I've never used it. I read it was missing in Windows 11 and wanted to know more about what it was. It's not missing in Windows 11 and I love it! I can get back old versions of documents and images and even restore deleted files from folders! It's fantastic! Microsoft really should turn this on for everyone.


So if you open a Word document, insert a comma somewhere, and save...this thing is going to create a new copy of the ENTIRE DOCUMENT? There are better strategies. This isn't versioning, it's copying. Eddie, I certainly hope Microsoft doesn't "turn this on for everyone".

Gen. Kanobi

I've also been wondering about this feature for years! It has sounded useful but here hasn't been an obvious way to turn it on. Microsoft should add an option to turn it on and store it somewhere on the disk. It should even be on by default for the documents folder!


> "This includes the hidden AppData folder"

Not true. I just tried recovering a file used by LibreOffice's autosave located in that folder, but it's not included as a folder to restore from. (Win10 OS build 19045.2965) It allows you to add it manually, but it's certainly not on by default.