Comments on Create an idle trigger in Power­Shell for Windows Task Scheduler

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Thanks for posting this.

Like you, I found that I was unable to create a scheduled task using the format for times shown in some of the examples on

For example IdleDuration 00:05:00 -IdleWaitTimeout 01:00:00

HOWEVER, the problem is, the examples are WRONG.

When you look at the definition of New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet inthe same page, it sayd clearly that IdleDuration and IdleWaitTimeout are of TYPE TimeSPAN!!

Therefore they are not specified as HH:MM:SS but as "New-TimeSpan".

For example:

-IdleDuration (New-TimeSpan -Minutes 5) -IdleWaitTimeout (New-TimeSpan -Hour 2)

If you use this approach you CAN create a scheduled task using Register-ScheduledTask and New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet, with values specified for IdleDuration and IdleWaitTimeout