Comments on Sync issues finally drove me away from the Joplin note-taking app

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I transitioned away from a weird mixture of Google Keep and Evernote to Joplin several years ago. I used it from 2019 through 2021 but stopped using it because of the sync issues between my phone, personal Linux machine, and Windows work machine. Though even prior to 2021, I recall the occasional syncing problem and duplicates popping up.

I really do love the project, but I realized I was making my life complicated and just resorted to using a plain text file for keeping notes.

Zettelnotes looks like it could fit the bill, but it’s really not optimized for my workflow.


Congrats on your new job at Vivaldi! 😉


Syncthing might be the pain point, just check.

Just ran into this same issue today. Stuck on syncing. Tried pushing cancel, and now it's stuck canceling. >:|


Same problem when using OneDrive! I'd just stopped using Joplin on desktop and used it exclusively on Android. The two fell further and further apart. I couldn't migrate out of Joplin because I couldn't get the notes out of the mobile app. Your workaround got sync working again, so now I'm looking for another note-taking app. What's the one you'll be working on?