Comments on Linux on Lenovo ThinkPad T14: great except the webcam/mic

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Martín Acosta

Did you try fedora 35? I have the same notebook and with Fedora 35 + any kernel >= 5.14 the keyboard and the touchpad stop working. Just want to check if someone else has the same issue :(

Daniel Aleksandersen

> Did you try fedora 35?

Yes. I’ve been using Windows 11 on it for a while, but switched back to Fedora Workstation 35 two days ago. The toucpad had a lot of issues on Windows. It was one of the reasons for switching back to Fedora.

> […] the keyboard and the touchpad stop working.

There’s nothing too special about either the keyboard or touchpad in the first and second generation T14. I’m not sure what could be causing issues for you.

Does the keyboard work in the UEFI settings environment? It might be a loose connection.