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Eric Works

I understand that you're conflicted on this. Google Maps is how I get around in the world. My world has a lot more ads in it now than it did only a few years ago.


I'm tired of food delivery services recognizing my address as non existent due to google mistake, so correcting that one is less troublesome for me than not doing so. though I already submitted the change few years ago and am still waiting for the fix...

Dinell T

My mom is an avid contributor to Google Maps. It's frustrating to go for walks with her as she stops everywhere to double-check that the map is up-to-date. I've never thought of it as unpaid work before! She gets some type of Google points for it, but I don't think they're worth anything.

Hello, good questions to ponder.

For the OSM, try using StreetComplete for mobile. It gamifies the editing and is easy to use.

+1 to the mentioned StreetComplete. Also there are other on-the-phone editors, for all the various tastes. My favorite was the one built into, which allowed you to add new items (points) and edit opening hours for existing ones (although not move/relocate them, what is the subject of this blog post).

Note that changed owner and everything, so I don't recommend them anymore, but Organic Maps is the successor of all the good what was in it, and I assume that editor is also there (but my phone ran out of battery so I can't confirm it).


I'm trying to fix your exact usability problem with , which aims to be this quicly to use tool.

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