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I was really looking forward to Phone Link for iPhone.

I am so disappointed about this!


Actually, the best competitor is Intel Unison, who also support iOS devices!

I don't have a smart phone anymore, frankly, it's nice. I don't worry about settings, syncing or backup of the device and I don't worry about this kind of privacy issues. anyone who's watch 'enemy of the state' should know that all phones are tracking devices and governments around the world are either using that data illegally (Canada) or passing laws to acquire that data without warrants (Spain). I leave my dumb phone off as much as I can.


I found hundreds of outdated and inaccurate claims saying Phone Link uses local WiFi before I found your blog. I had hoped to read confirmation that it was indeed safe to use. Maybe it's time to try KDE Linux again.


Of course, it's the default these days, even when from a technical stand point as well as a resource stand point, they STILL choose to go out of their way to spy on you.