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Everyone recommends these but they don't work! They're so cheap and alluring that people keeps buying them, though. "Just imaging what I could do with temperature data in my home assistant!!" Not much if it doesn't work reliably.


The Aqara sensors are trash! I tried using them with my generic hub and they would drop out after a week. I had six of them so I also grabbed the Aqara hub hoping that would fix things. Alas no improvement!

Christian Czech

The other thing is they state in the docs, it only sends immediately when temp changes more than 0,5 or once per hour. How do you control heating with this rare readings? My esphome device sends every 5 seconds. I think a value once per minute is ok but not less.


So the aqara devices are really picky about what devices they like in regards to repeaters. If they connect to devices that aren't friendly they eventually drop out.

More info:

The above has more detail.


Although my similar set-up (HA + same Zigbee coordinator) works pretty decent with my 3 sensors, I agree with you on the part regarding connection issues and re-pairing. However when it comes to humidity readings (depending the needs, of course) perhaps you have approached this a bit wrong. I'm using 2 units in 2 bathrooms to turn on extraction fan when humidity rises above defined level. And because readings are repeatable so it doesn't matter if they are off a few %. And I also don't get it when you are saying they can't be used in high humid conditions - bathrooms are good example even if this conditions are only for a short period. And why do you want this type of sensor in your fridge??? :)


I've had one of these in the freezer for several years. It works fine. It might say it shouldn't, but it does work.


"The Zigbee protocol will soon be rebranded as Thread for Matter." No it won't. Thread is a different protocol entirely, and is IP based. Matter development was led by the Connected Standards Alliance, previously named the ZigBee alliance, so maybe that's the source of the confusion here?