Comments on GNOME Boxes review: no-frills and no-thrills desktop virtualization

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Some errors:

- Last paragraph is doubled ("When everything is working..")

- Stray "`" in "or you’re ´following a tutorial".

Thanks for the corrections, Cweiske! I might have forgotten to press save on my final edits before publishing. 🤫


I opened Boxes once maybe five years ago and didn't understand what it was for. Had another look now and it runs Ubuntu much smoother than VirtualBox! It seems like a great alternative for basic VM needs like you say.

Another typo "hardware without UEFI", should be with.


Thank you for... what to anticipate. So much more informative than a lot of the cut and paste articles I read on Boxes. They seem all from the same source and nowhere near as detailed. Thank you again for your expertise.

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