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The gr3 does over 700mbps routed, both ways, after your claim of 300 I could not carry on reading, lost all credibility

Hi Alan, this is the figure I get when running performance tests. It’s also very close to the figure quoted in the specsheet on the MikroTik product page for the RB750Gr3.

You can indeed configure it (basically remove all firewall rules) under optimal conditions for higher speeds, but it ceases to be a useful router at that point.


Great article but the white font on black page is an eye-killer. I had to change the colors using the dev options of my browser in order to read the article till the end without getting A BAD HEADACHE.

JohnDOe, the default is black text on a white background. The black version of the site is only used if your browser requests dark mode. There’s a setting in your operating system or browser to control it.


I am a long-time user of these devices and I can only confirm the author's observations. A very well and thoughtfully written review.


What router do you recommend for your home network?


Also, the yellow mark is not random one, give it better conditions after a REPLACE of it, it is literally burned out, and you will get abnormally degradations of it's functions.