Comments on Ruby 3.1’s incompatible changes to its YAML module (Psych 4)

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While not exactly "news", I agree with your conclusion. Psych should have printed deprecation warnings some months before making this change. I must have fixed this in over a hundred places since January. Good blog and thanks!

It seems that the "Psych::DisallowedClass" error message still uses a black color even when the preferred `color-scheme` is dark, resulting the message unreadable unless selected when reading in dark mode. Just a note about a possible CSS misconfiguration. Still, great article with useful advice!


A deprecation error message calling attention to the fact that something is unsafe against malicious payloads is not necessarily great, either. If that stderr is redirected somewhere visible to a would-be attacker, that could be an open invitation.

I don’t see that as a big problem, fastryan. It wouldn’t reveal any more information to attackers than what is already public, and it would encourage developers to update their code to be more secure.

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