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Near as I can recall, I had to stop using HE (still love them though) for .sg domains because I needed to deprecate algo 3/6/5/7 as per, and HE didn't support algo 13, so I moved everything to Gransy, which does. I ultimately found that algo 8 (which HE supports) was a safer choice for backwards compatibility to older clients, and started using that, but I never moved back even though I could have, since Gransy works as well but significantly faster, especially for Asia where most of my customers are.


Dyn Secondary appears to be essentially deprecated since Oracle bought out Dyn and now Oracle has their own secondary DNS in the Oracle Cloud offering. The Oracle Cloud secondary DNS is a pretty compelling offering since it supports TSIG, is relatively cheap (US$0.85 / 1 million queries), has worldwide PoPs, VERY fast replication (seriously, from notification to being live is maybe ~1 minute at most) and at least partially supports DNSSEC. (like they'll pull in RRSIGs and serve them but it's not supported for primary zones)

I reckon you should put OCI Secondary in the list as it's probably my top pick alongside DNS Unlimited. HE is good too but their service is unreliable.

DNS business has several roles: registrar, primary and secondary.

As you said, it is not a big deal to be the master for a zone, and this is what I’m doing. But then I’ll need secondary services.

So which providers can act both as registrars AND secondaries, but no primary? GoDaddy apparently has this feature set (registrar+secondary), but who else?

I’m trying to consolidate my domains and find the one service that will do everything that I need in a reasonable price.

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