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This sounds all too familiar. You disconnect a fan and then suddenly everything improves because the load on the PSU is reduced by next to nothing. Or you have to uninstall the driver and reinstall the exact same driver the next Friday. I agree that its too difficult to troubleshoot but not sure how it all could be improved!


I'm in the same boat. Random stutters all the time. I must have read a and tried ideas from a hundred reddit posts but nothing helped. Then I randomly tried to to disable USB ports in the BIOS. It actually got a lot better after disabling all unused USB ports. I don't believe that's the root cause, but I'm all out of ideas. Will try with a hardware TPM because why not.

Been there, done that. The sad thing is that the "lazy" route is to rely on closed ecosystems, i.e. consoles. When I was younger, I really loved to tinker and to do problem solving. I still do when using technology privately. For work, however, things just have to work. I use two computers for work, a Windows laptop for travel and Linux Mint stationary computer for development. Interestingly enough, I find the Linux system more reliable and pleasant to use than Windows.


If you set the card's maximum clock to the maximum sustained clock instead of it trying to boost over it the system should be much more stable. You can use CoreCtrl to do this.


RE: The crashing at idle, if you happen to have a 59{00,50}x you’ll need to change voltages / disable pbo / mess with memory clocks.

It seems to be specific with these top end processors, I ended up finding out within my return period and got a stable one in the silicon lottery.

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