Comments on Vilfo review: Not designed for security or privacy – Part 3:4

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I am feeling so let down & irritated by this company full of false promises. Ordered Vilfo Router a year ago & returned it within a week. I never succeeded in registering the product regardless of it to be the single device on the Network. So, when I heard that Vilfo OS was released I got very excited with the news nevertheless it is not ready for the mainstream market. This Business is unreasonably managed by brilliant intellects but deprived of the resources to deliver Customer Services, even less the instance to support its creation. Home Internet offered by Virgin Media Fibre at the speeds of up to 1.3Gb/s/. The peak I was able to stretch with Vilfo OS over OpenVPN was 200Mb/s when paralleled to 550Mb/s with Wireguard. The 550Mb/s is braced with a Xeon Intel Quad-core/8Threads including 34GB RAM & a 512Gb NVME SSD. No one offered explanations for such unsatisfactory performance with OPEN VPN while until Wireguard isn’t supported by Vilfo. Accordingly, it alarms the utmost out of me when its website states that Vilfo Router could reach up to 600Mb/s on a single Core Celeron??? It takes ages for one of the handful of employees including the Management to get back for providing support. I installed Vilfo OS on five different systems including VMWare Workstation and Fusion for macOS and the furthest I could reach with the installation on a X86 Mini PC was the Web Portal for five minutes enough to register the product with the licence. Vilfo OS failed where Debian, Ubuntu, OpenWRT, OPNsense & Untangle NG Firewall amazingly surpassed expectations. It was so bad that I requested for the initial 14 days Trial to be extended. Requested a cancellation within days of the extension since no one despite hours, days and nights trying to figure out how to get Vilfo OS to work unfortunately other than advising to update the Subnets I wasn’t approached with a workaround. On each occasion I tried to access the GUI I got a security Error. Furthermore, Vilfo OS can’t detect WIFI Adapters. Whether M.2, USB adapters. Otherwise without a cable I could be unable to SSH into it to change the Subnet to 10,220,0,1. Why 192,168,0,1 when most Home Routers provided by ISP already use it? It doesn’t make sense to expect a less technical customer to fiddle around with IP Addresses. Therefore, and for the lack of support since it is comprised in the Home Pro Package charged $99 a year, I requested a refund. I have been ignored not since the request for the money back instead for the lack of feedback by so called professional Engineers running this tiny company! It has a huge potential for growth, but it will not do it alone otherwise it will fail. OVPN in contrast is the best of all of VPN Providers in comparison to Vilfo Router/OS. The Owners were given until the 01 April to refund otherwise my Credit Card Provider will process a charge back for breach of contract of sales for depriving one of its clients the respect and consideration to offer help in its place of abandonment.