Comments on Can you use a WebP file as an Open Graph Protocol image?

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I guess there's little reason to keep using the "legacy formats", as you call them, instead of WebP. The more websites use WebP images, the faster more apps will support it.


Signal supports webp :)

thanks for the article.

I’ve just rechecked Signal on Android, as well as the desktop app on Linux and Windows. The current stable version on all platforms. No versions of the app show a page preview image when the Open Graph metadata links to a WebP. It falls back to title and description only.


WebP is outdated trash. JPEG XL is the future. JPEG can be losslessly reencoded to JPEGXL, WebP can't.

JXL support in browsers is still years out. JXL support among OGP consumers likely won’t happen for another decade after that.

AVIF has much better support with Chromium and Firefox already supporting it (Safari is again the odd-man out). AVIF generally performs better than JXL on all points except progressive decoding, but support for that is also in the pipeline.

I don’t expect to see OGP consumers support AVIF for another decade either.