Comments on 2-clicks to install Windows 11/10 without the third-party bloatware

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But does Windows update install the bloatware if you change the region? Wondering because I've manually deleted bloatware before but after updating they were reinstalled again!


As this post has a few days on it's back...

I just installed Windows 10 with (Europe) Settings and the bloatware was still installed.

Will retry with (World) now.


It did work with

Language: German (Only option I had, as my source image is a German one)

Time and Currency: English (World)

Keyboard: US

The start menu still contained a whole lot of tiles, but they where all empty / had a "download"-icon in them without the app behind.

I'm curious what will happen, if I change the settings back to the actual values and install bigger windows updates, as those have reinstalled bloadware in the past.