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This is absurd. We (more technical users) probably know why they're doing this - for the vast majority of (non-technical) users, defaults stick. However, I can't understand that they prevent even technical people from changing the default browser on their OS. I'm one of the lucky few that uses Linux at work (non-technical role), but I do need to run a VM for some cases and every other time I launch it, I'm amazed to see how defaults aren't respected and how my privacy/advertising settings have been miraculously changed to Microsoft's benefit. I can't help but feel like I'm being held down and having Edge forced down my throat.


The Outlook behavior can be turned off in Settings > Advanced > File and browser preferences > "Open hyperlinks from Outlook in: [Default Browser]"

Richard Black

Ever tried uninstalling Edge? It is nearly impossible. Windows is infected by Edge background services that cannot easily be removed. Folders have to be force deleted, register hacked, etc. No mortal could do it on their own.

Philip Golan

I recently purchased a new laptop with windows 11. My default browser is chrome. What disturbs me most, is the fact that edge records all my chrome browsing history on its platform.


I hate Microsoft. Fuck them.

IGnatius T Foobar

You're still using Windows? How ... antiquated.


It's time we got the government in on this. Microsoft needs to be taken down, reined in, busted up. Its tyrannical monopoly should not be tolerated. They have too much money and too much influence for any competitor to balance them out.

I... hate... how W11 forces Edge use. It's insulting and outrageous.

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