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New comment on FreeStyle Libre Reader device versus the LibreLink app:

Daniel Aleksandersen

Ali, as mentioned in the article: You must scan the sensor with the app first and then you can scan using the reader. It doesn’t work the other way. The first device you scan will receive the alarms.

New comment on FreeStyle Libre Reader device versus the LibreLink app:


I tried using the app after I had scanned on the reader, it didn't work, am I supposed to share it on the app to the reader for this to happen? I literally have two in my arm, one for each, to see how this works and how different the readings are, wish I had seen this before I put in two, just 10 minutes ago, lol. Abbott has replaced my reader like 6 times in the past 2-3 yrs, and I hesitate to ask for another, so thought I would try the app first. BTW, the reason I was searching was to see how the battery fairs out with the app, but I didn't see anything on that.

New comment on Everything you need to know about Night mode in Samsung Internet:


It seems this issue is still a thing but now they have moved the "feature" to a "labs" setting in settings to work like it should work in the first place.. So to get it to work like all the other browsers you need to turn on a labs feature... It is ridiculous

New comment on Don’t save game progress in My Documents!:

Connor Oud

It's 2022 and games still always save to Documents. My OneDrive holds several gigabytes worth of savegames due to this.

New comment on The Current Version of Popular Browsers API (powered by Wikidata):


Heyoooo. 👋

Your post motivated me to build an API with the current versions of popular browsers. You can find it at https://browsers.fyi :)

New comment on How to add CalDAV and CardDAV accounts and sync with Windows 10:


It used to work, I just reinstalled windows and I'm unable to add a dummy Icloud account. Windows says that they can't check the credentials as expected, but the account is no more added to the list and can't be edited. Tried any of this in the latest windows version?

New comment on Windows now blocks Edge browser competitors from opening links:


We pay good money for our devices, so we should be able 2 change the device the way we want. Corporate Bullying again, :( however Those that sit on their high perch will eventually fall.

New comment on How to limit Samsung Customization Service data collection:

Paris Parsons

Thank you very much for this. It's absurd that Samsung fails to provide adequate app function information so users have to go off the grid to get the info. I am going to link this into my review in the Galaxy store so other users can get the same, and VALUABLE, information

New comment on How to run Windows 11 in GNOME Boxes (with UEFI and TPM2 emulation):


Thanks! Followed some guide on Reddit but the system wouldn't boot after completing the installation. Your guide got me a fully working system!

New comment on The Current Version of Popular Browsers API (powered by Wikidata):


You can also source data for Microsoft Edge, Opera and other less popular browsers from Wikidata. Although these and most other alternatives are just reskinned versions of Chromium.