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New comment on Bitrot resistance of next-generation image formats:


Can you test WebP image format?

New comment on How to run Windows 10 in GNOME Boxes (and fixes for common issues):


Does the networking work right out of the box without any special configuration? I've installed Windows 7 in a box and it installed the Red Hat VirtIO Ethernet adapter which seems to be working. No ability to ping outside hosts however. Shared folder does not show up because I can't access the web site to install Spice client tools.

New comment on Windows now blocks Edge browser competitors from opening links:


Is there a source for the claim that Edge ever unpinned other browsers? I'm trying to verify it before I repeat it.

New comment on Opera Unite tried decentral­izing the web ten years ago:


I used Unite back when it first came out. I thought it was the coolest thing including the chat room. It reminds me of an early version of Discord where its a room people could join at any time. The issue was I couldn't get friends and family to bother with it. It seems like the big push to the "cloud" has pushed us further from controlling our own communication and files and has allowed corporations and governments to spy on us more. Unite was ahead of its time and required people to care about things they just couldn't understand.

New comment on Phone Link relays your personal data through Microsoft servers:


Of course, it's the default these days, even when from a technical stand point as well as a resource stand point, they STILL choose to go out of their way to spy on you.

New comment on The frustrating RouterOS–WireGuard VPN peering bug:


It seems to me that if an endpoint address is set on both peers, then the peers will refuse a handshake from address different that that.

This is not conformant to WireGuard's standard implementation, which instead supports roaming by design. It makes failover much more complicated, as you need to set up multiple peers, and then dynamically switch the allowed IPs from over one to the other.

It doesn't look like this is documented anywhere.

Has anyone else observed this behaviour?

New comment on Keep your laptop cool with felt pad feet:


This article is rather old, so I hope it's an option for newer notebook/laptops. I recently bought a refurbished HP notebook, and the rubber "feet" were off within a week or two. I am not good with manual tasks; afraid to use glue. A friend has felt sheets (or I could buy tabs/buttons in different sizes). Is this still OK for newer laptops? It's not the battery heat I am worried about so much as the sliding around of the laptop on my lap-table that is annoying.Thanks.

BTW, I didn't know they were called "feet". I just call them "thingies". : )

New comment on Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users:

Jose Sierra

I... hate... how W11 forces Edge use. It's insulting and outrageous.

New comment on Web Reading Mode: The non-standard rendering mode:


I read the first two articles of the series and I had to stop and say thank you for what you wrote: this is the most detailed analysis I could find so far on web readability, terse and neat. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your thoughts on this theme!

New comment on PlanetSide 2 is now available on Linux:


Planetside 2 still holds the record of the biggest battle online in real time.

Eve Online uses Tidi (time dilatation) to host several thousands players. Each action takes minutes to be processed.