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New comment on Windows 11 gets new and less stressful notification sounds:

Billy Vandory8

The new alert is still too long and over the top. A single tick would suffice, but that's Microsoft for you. Developers of the worlds worst nonoperating system

New comment on 2-clicks to install Windows 11/10 without the third-party bloatware:


It did work with

Language: German (Only option I had, as my source image is a German one)

Time and Currency: English (World)

Keyboard: US

The start menu still contained a whole lot of tiles, but they where all empty / had a "download"-icon in them without the app behind.

I'm curious what will happen, if I change the settings back to the actual values and install bigger windows updates, as those have reinstalled bloadware in the past.

New comment on 2-clicks to install Windows 11/10 without the third-party bloatware:


As this post has a few days on it's back...

I just installed Windows 10 with (Europe) Settings and the bloatware was still installed.

Will retry with (World) now.

New comment on Windows now blocks Edge browser competitors from opening links:

Based and Redpilled

I will never pay a single cent to Microsoft. I have pirated Windows 10 IoT LTSC and removed all of the useless, telemetry infested shit (Edge, Store, Windows Update, Defender).

They will ALWAYS push the worst anti-user decisions on the userbase with the excuse of "muh security". The change mentioned in the article is (as ALWAYS) excused by "making Windows more secure for our users".

I have also pirated all of Microsoft Office products and will never pay a cent for them. I will also delay updating Windows 10 for as long as possible, as I did with Windows 7 (which I would use today, if it ran on my modern CPU). Any single update is a huge risk of an anti-user change. Whatever system in the future I switch to (linux, mac, windows 12?), I will go out of my way to never pay a single cent to Microshaft and to send them as little data about me as possible.

New comment on The frustrating RouterOS–WireGuard VPN peering bug:


Thanks for this post! Saved me from many more hours of troubleshooting...

New comment on The deafening problem with the FreeStyle Libre 3 app for Android:

Jason Jayhawk

Thank you for posting about this. I too have trouble getting Abbott to listen. The developer and I need to have a talk. I don't think they understand type 1 diabetes. I don't think Abbott realizes all of the small enhancements that could make their app better. I hope the dedicated reading device has an option to turn off the ultra low alarm. Wouldn't that be great if they would open source the signal so that people could roll their own reader software for the Libre 3...

New comment on Phone Link relays your personal data through Microsoft servers:


I don't have a smart phone anymore, frankly, it's nice. I don't worry about settings, syncing or backup of the device and I don't worry about this kind of privacy issues. anyone who's watch 'enemy of the state' should know that all phones are tracking devices and governments around the world are either using that data illegally (Canada) or passing laws to acquire that data without warrants (Spain). I leave my dumb phone off as much as I can.

New comment on Review: Aqara indoor climate sensor (for home automation):


I've had one of these in the freezer for several years. It works fine. It might say it shouldn't, but it does work.

New comment on I miss del.icio.us – the web’s discovery-engine and link classifier:

Jesus Aviles

I feel this way about Stumble Upon!!

New comment on Review of Mailbox.org: Email privacy with a thick German accent:

Faheem Mitha

Hi Daniel,

For the record, the section entitled "Message identified as spam still delivered to my inbox" is incorrect. As of right now, April 2023, spam is correctly redirected to the folder I have designated, namely TRASH. SPAM is not available as an option. See my bug report below.

I tested this by setting

Settings -> mailbox.org -> E-mail -> Settings spamprotection -> Spam e-mails -> Flag & Redirect to [TRASH]

I wasn't able to set this to SPAM, because SPAM wasn't given as an

option, even though there is a folder with that name. (I submitted a bug report about this, but the person who responded didn't seem


I then set my current email hosting service to forward a copy to my mailbox.org account. My current email gets lots of spam, so that was a reasonable way to test how mailbox.org did with to spam filtering.

As it turns out, mailbox.org does a good but not perfect job of filtering out spam, certainly much better than my current provider luxsci.com. This probably has something to do with the fact that emails processed by luxsci.com often have the following header in them, amazingly.

X-Lux-State: Email message > 200KB in size. Basic anti-Spam filtering skipped.

Which basically is a guaranteed way for plenty of spam to arrive in my mailbox. It's worth noting that they recently increased their monthly rates from USD 10 to USD 15, and then to USD 20. At this point, I'm wondering why anyone even uses them.

Anyway, here is the bug report I wrote to mailbox.org.

Under mailbox.org → Email → Settings spamprotection

the option is given to “Flag and Redirect“ “Spam e-mails“ to

one of Drafts, INBOX, Junk, Sent, Trash.

This option does not appear to be user customizable.

But the actual mailbox has the following.

Inbox, Unread, Drafts, Sent, Spam, Trash.

There is no “Junk“ folder.

More importantly, there is no option to redirect to “Spam”,

which is the most natural mailbox to redirect spam to.

I’m also not sure why both a “Spam“ and a “Trash“ folder are

required. Isn’t that redundant?

And here is their response.

Thank you very much for your message and your patience. I'm

sorry for the delayed response, we have a lot of user

inquiries right now, so it took some time. As to your

questions, your are absolutely correct, this really seems

redundant. Unfortunately this is the way the program running

in the backend has named the SPAM folder. The JUNK-folder is

the SPAM-folder. I hope this will be changed in the future,

because it can cause quite the confusion. I hope this answers

your questions. If you have any further questions, please get

in touch with us. Have a great day!

Quite disappointing. They don't seem to be interested in fixing this. I won't bother to include my reply to this.