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New comment on Create an idle trigger in Power­Shell for Windows Task Scheduler:


Thanks for posting this.

Like you, I found that I was unable to create a scheduled task using the format for times shown in some of the examples on https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/scheduledtasks/new-scheduledtasksettingsset?view=windowsserver2022-ps

For example IdleDuration 00:05:00 -IdleWaitTimeout 01:00:00

HOWEVER, the problem is, the examples are WRONG.

When you look at the definition of New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet inthe same page, it sayd clearly that IdleDuration and IdleWaitTimeout are of TYPE TimeSPAN!!

Therefore they are not specified as HH:MM:SS but as "New-TimeSpan".

For example:

-IdleDuration (New-TimeSpan -Minutes 5) -IdleWaitTimeout (New-TimeSpan -Hour 2)

If you use this approach you CAN create a scheduled task using Register-ScheduledTask and New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet, with values specified for IdleDuration and IdleWaitTimeout

New comment on Review: Aqara indoor climate sensor (for home automation):


Although my similar set-up (HA + same Zigbee coordinator) works pretty decent with my 3 sensors, I agree with you on the part regarding connection issues and re-pairing. However when it comes to humidity readings (depending the needs, of course) perhaps you have approached this a bit wrong. I'm using 2 units in 2 bathrooms to turn on extraction fan when humidity rises above defined level. And because readings are repeatable so it doesn't matter if they are off a few %. And I also don't get it when you are saying they can't be used in high humid conditions - bathrooms are good example even if this conditions are only for a short period. And why do you want this type of sensor in your fridge??? :)

New comment on Your clipboard is only as secure as your device:


Incredibly well written blog covering everything! Was worth a read for me. I was searching about expiration time of Apple's Universal Clipboard and stumbled into this.

Not having a universal representation of clipboard content is really unfortunate. I was working on something related to copying text and too thought "How Apple Universal Clipboard ensures that sensitive data is not copied over devices" followed by, "If it doesn't copy sensitive data won't the experience be hit or miss: sometimes working, sometimes doesn't?" Probably a convention to hint not copying like "CanUploadToCloudClipboard", having one to hint that paste is not allowed "NotPasteable" and the OS showing a notification on the machine when a person tries to paste is would've helpful.

Another problem is we do not have a stable and complete API for browsers (see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Clipboard/write). So if you're using a password manager extension and you copy a password from there, you're probably left with a plain text with no hint whatsoever.

New comment on Review: Aqara indoor climate sensor (for home automation):


So the aqara devices are really picky about what devices they like in regards to repeaters. If they connect to devices that aren't friendly they eventually drop out.

More info:


The above has more detail.

New comment on Review of the MikroTik hEX (3rd rev.) as a home router:


Also, the yellow mark is not random one, give it better conditions after a REPLACE of it, it is literally burned out, and you will get abnormally degradations of it's functions.

New comment on SELinux is unmanageable; just turn it off if it gets in your way:


Funny, just my thoughts.

Just did a yum update on a rhel 7.9 system. Everything smooth. Then after boot freezes because not being able to load a policy. Forcing permissive mode, goes further and keeps looping in starting and crashing login service.

Now, forums and stuff... al kinds of tips and commands. Do an autorelabel. Does not work. fixfiles onboot ... isn't that just autrelabel? Well, whi knows, so did that. Made no doffewrence.

Al inds of other stuff ... does not work because selinux is OFF. But I can't turn it on because then I cannot enter my system.

F**k selinux.

New comment on Goodbye FastMail:


It seems you are back on Fastmail for your email provider. It would be great if you could publish an update as to why you shifted back to them from MailBox.org

New comment on XDG Base Directory shell scripting tutorial:

Edwin Kofler

Your script appears to be broken - one fix involves using the `:` builtin:


: XDG_CACHE_HOME:="$HOME/.cache"


But, a different technique is required since these variables need to be exported, as you mention.

Under that, it would be an improvement to make the script idempotent, quote the directories, and use lowercase variable names:


mkdir -p "$cache_dir" ...


This blog appears near the top of search results, so I think other people will benefit from these improvements.

New comment on Norway’s BankID undermines anti-phishing best practices:

Daniel Aleksandersen

Sukil, you can do that, yes. However, the tokens in the URL are one-time, so you can’t use the resulting page.

New comment on Norway’s BankID undermines anti-phishing best practices:

Lars Fosdal

Good read! How does VIPPS compare as an authentication service?