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New comment on How to add CalDAV and CardDAV accounts and sync with Windows 10:


This no longer works on Windows 11. They have changed the way they sync with iCloud. It says that Microsoft requires a app password to be created on icloud that Outlook for Windows will use and will sync iCloud data with MS Cloud. This method appears to be obsolete now unfortunately. They probably discovered the security hole that people were using and patched it. In all honesty, that's a good thing. After all, this method was a work-around, or back door if you will, to get in via a method designed for something else and this was just exploiting that flaw.

New comment on Windows now blocks Edge browser competitors from opening links:

Tony Hall

Another example of the American ethos of profit oriented motivation above all, ignoring user, suppliers, and individuals interests. Just like the mob who are now changing the formula 1 car series into dollar making industry rather than an attractive sport!!

New comment on Windows now blocks Edge browser competitors from opening links:


I'm very happy I stumbled across this, Thank you! My MOFI router is now going crazy with warnings telling me I'm using EDGE and its going to corrupt the router. Luckily only 3 hours into trying to fix it I came across this. Not surprising though. If they get away with this what's next.. Power trip, maybe just a little.

New comment on The deafening problem with the FreeStyle Libre 3 app for Android:


don't use their 1p app! I use this FOSS 3p app https://www.juggluco.nl/Juggluco/libre3/ and love it.

New comment on Dual-booting Linux with BitLocker Device Encryption and Secure Boot:


Hello Daniel, thank you for sharing this, I've been searching for information on how to do this but seems not to be a highly sought after piece of information.

Last time I tried this, I noticed that any time I booted into linux (I would reboot into linux a couple times a day when necessary), it would often require the Bitlocker key again and also made standby/hibernation non working which made it unusable for me.

Did you manage to solve all these issues?

Do you have any updates for 2024, with Windows 11 and Ubuntu 22 or 23 variants?

New comment on I created my own web analytics system from scratch:

Jonathan Muñoz


Wonderfull job. Currently, I'm developing something similar but more complex.

A basic web tracker must be able to tracks clicks and page prints. I wonder if you can give some guidance by aswering the followinf questions:

1. ¿How do you make difference between clicks and page prints? Since both are GET requests

2. Conçeptually speaking, ¿have you considered Server-Side tracking, or Hybrid tracking?


New comment on SELinux is unmanageable; just turn it off if it gets in your way:

Robert Gabriel

I have to disagree with "There are very few good documentation sources available that describe SELinux and how to manage it."

How can you say that? There is so much online for SELinux: docs, guides, books, forums, SuSE docs, RHEL docs, YouTube and last but not least, Dan Walsh.

New comment on What is Lenovo Wi-Fi Security and should you enable or ignore it?:


Seriously, thank you for your detailed, upfront reporting on this subject. Glad to see I was able to actually find an article written by a human on this topic, not AI generated garbage.

New comment on Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users:


It's time we got the government in on this. Microsoft needs to be taken down, reined in, busted up. Its tyrannical monopoly should not be tolerated. They have too much money and too much influence for any competitor to balance them out.

New comment on How to remove the Adobe Acrobat Update service:


Because Adobe Update serviec, is a service, that allows Adobe to spy. Have an active windows firewall, that only grants access to internet AFTER you respond to on screen promot, until than, it will be denied internet access... Usually 3am/6am i Have adobe try to communicate with servers while PC is closed not being used, around 12,000 attempts a night to make some UNKNOWN connection, for SOME unknown REASON. I manually update, no need to force updates on me.