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New comment on Which file systems support file cloning:


Android uses EXT4 and seems to have everything in place to support cloned extents. However, the syscalls always return EPERM suggesting that the file descriptor is immutable.

New comment on Rollerblade wheels are a great upgrade for your office chair:

Dave T

I bought these as a novelty but I had the same reaction as you. They're great! No wonder the kids prefer these on their "gamer chairs". I wish they had some type of roller locks, though. I prefer them most of the time but also wish I could lock them in place sometimes.

New comment on What’s it like to wear a FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring sensor?:


Thanks for the shower tip. My sensors kept falling off but now I can wear my sensor for the full two weeks! Pro tip: Buy the adhesive film patches in bulk. 200 patches cost almost the same as four 12 packs.

New comment on .blog vs .com TLD performance:

Patrick Brown

Fascinating, I had never even considered that different TLDs might have performance implications, but it makes perfect sense in retrospect. I was just trying to decide whether to use ".com" or ".blog", so this article was very helpful! I agree that the ".blog" TLD looks aesthetically better, but I am tempted to go with ".com" after your findings. Thanks!

New comment on Overriding Bedtime mode with priority alerts:

Mariela Edgar

Cheers, very helpful!!🌹

New comment on Firefox contained in Flatpak vs Snap comparison:


With Ubuntu now shipping Firefox Snap as the default, would you consider releasing an updated article on the security and privacy of Snap vs Flatpak versions?

New comment on Overriding Bedtime mode with priority alerts:

Daniel Aleksandersen

Alex, check out the Do Not Disturb options under the Notification section in the Setting app. Enable Repeat caller. Then repeated calls will go through. You can also create exceptions for favorite contacts. You should test and verify that it actually works as expected, though.

New comment on Overriding Bedtime mode with priority alerts:

Alex James Miller

So I just wonder if I could leave notifications on and still use bedtime mode I have a sick mother and want to hear if she calls or texts through the night but can't say thats going to happen on a certain night like tonight or even at all for the next few years.

New comment on Ruby 3.1’s incompatible changes to its YAML module (Psych 4):

Daniel Aleksandersen

I don’t see that as a big problem, fastryan. It wouldn’t reveal any more information to attackers than what is already public, and it would encourage developers to update their code to be more secure.

New comment on Ruby 3.1’s incompatible changes to its YAML module (Psych 4):


A deprecation error message calling attention to the fact that something is unsafe against malicious payloads is not necessarily great, either. If that stderr is redirected somewhere visible to a would-be attacker, that could be an open invitation.