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New comment on The standard language codes for “World English” and “European English”:


Thanks, this was very helpful

New comment on Nothing but bad experiences with Realtek Ethernet NICs:

John IL

Lot of history with complaints of the 2.5 Realtek on many gaming motherboards. Just amazes me how these products always seem to end up cheapening out on some important hardware. Realtek for me has a long history of instability with both WiFi and LAN Realtek connections. I got a RTL8125 in a Mini PC that does not work well on Windows, Linux, or even Chrome OS Flex. That tells me its the LAN chip and the hardware not a driver issue.

New comment on How to disable Adobe Cloud Sync on MacOS:

Daniel Aleksandersen

The terminal command for undoing the change is included near the bottom of the article.

New comment on How to disable Adobe Cloud Sync on MacOS:

Al R

>If something happens and I need to reverse this process, what can I do in Terminal to remove the block it just created by doing this?

New comment on Don’t use RouterOS DHCP lease scripts to manage DNS:


Good post. You are right about renewals. However I want to suggest you try using both the lease script trigger AND a scheduled trigger. You can have it scheduled less frequently if you want since the trigger based one will cover most of the cases (without latency).

New comment on Sync issues finally drove me away from the Joplin note-taking app:


In contrast I've had great success using a shared hosting server and WebDAV for synchronization for almost 12 months now since migrating from OneNote. Setup includes two Android (v2.12.3) phones, Windows laptop & desktop, with Linux migrations in the works, syncronizing 4 notebook profiles. The only issue experienced occurred yesterday, "ECONNREFUSED", syncing 1 profile from the desktop. And, all early indications are this cause is/was due to my hosting providers security configurations... but I'm still troubleshooting today before contacting the host... seems "they" might not like what I'm doing (or think I'm getting away with on a cheap plan)

My largest notebook (default) is over 85mb compressed, according to my latest backup. I have separate notebooks (profiles) for bookmarks, business and client notes.

Bottom line, the synchronization works. Sure, the Android UI needs work (to become a useable input tool) but the price is right for getting control of my note data and having it in an open text standard is priceless, IMHO.

Caveat, I disabled note history on all my notebooks early on after migrating from OneNote, before any value for having the feature was even evaluated. This was at a time when I had one huge notebook and the space needed on the WebDAV server for synchronization became a major concern.

New comment on What I learned after 30 minutes with ReFS:

Jon Marnock

BranchCache also refuses to be configured on a ReFS volume (this was on Server 2016, perhaps it's become available in later versions).

New comment on SELinux is unmanageable; just turn it off if it gets in your way:

Old Geek

Funny :).

I'm not a sysadmin, just an old computer user. I started before Linux existed. At that time I remember there was ms dos and later Windows on home computer. Sometimes (often?) Windows would crash with some cryptic message telling that the crash was due to -complicated stuff in hex. Nobody read it. You just power off power on. Your selinux logs reminds me of this.

Later internet connection became common and every user started to have personal firewall. I put some on my friends and family and I noticed it didn't work. Reason? Either the firewall keep asking for every single move "do you want to allow this?" and the user would say "yes" all the time since they didn't know what to answer (therefore the firewall was of no use). Or they would say no or the firewall would not ask and I was called by family and friend because "the firewall you put broke my internet!". :D The firewall was not conceived with the end user in mind.

Seems SELinux is a bit like those old days firewall.

It's probably great stuff, but the people who conceived it forgot the end user had not a free full year, not often even a free week to learn how it works.

I know we are in a gnu system and all the great philosophy but when I read people writing "just read the source code and you'll understand everything", well, that is unrealistic. That would (may?) be a great thing to do but my boss will never understand that I tell him "sorry, I need one year to learn the subtleties of selinux, won't be available for anything else". From my boss point of view, every second I spent doing anything else from my work, such as learning new things, is lost money. I know, he's wrong, but all the boss I've met are quite like him. In fact, I was once fired in one of my first job when I took the time to try to read the source code to understand why the software was not working: to long to solve the problem, Boss said.

I've read comments saying selinux is the only safe stuff.

Well, if so, it's a very sad thing the creator of selinux took so much time creating a perfect system but not making it easy to use. Because the only situation I may be able to convince my boss I need time to learn the full stuff is if we had critical nuclear bomb like stuff to protect. Even then, I'm not sure he would accept.

To summarize: don't forget the end user when you conceive software that is supposed to be use in real life situation. And don't forget the human parameter when creating safety stuff.

PS: sorry for broken English, not my native language.

New comment on Review of the Ethernet Adapter for Google Chromecast:

Anthony Villegas

Daniel, I suspected this ethernet adapter would work on 1st 2nd gen Chromecast devices. However, I'm having an issue. I create my own ethernet cable. Confirmed with a laptop, I can connect to the web. Once confirmed, I then plugged the ethernet cable into the chromecast adapter and now I can no longer cast. The casting option on my phone is not visible. Unplugging the cable then restores the casting option to my defined TV. Could it be the cable I created?

Thanks, Anthony

New comment on The deafening problem with the FreeStyle Libre 3 app for Android:


I made a video on YouTube about this problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxbRhmkZyhU