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New comment on Keep your laptop cool with felt pad feet:


This article is rather old, so I hope it's an option for newer notebook/laptops. I recently bought a refurbished HP notebook, and the rubber "feet" were off within a week or two. I am not good with manual tasks; afraid to use glue. A friend has felt sheets (or I could buy tabs/buttons in different sizes). Is this still OK for newer laptops? It's not the battery heat I am worried about so much as the sliding around of the laptop on my lap-table that is annoying.Thanks.

BTW, I didn't know they were called "feet". I just call them "thingies". : )

New comment on Microsoft has not stopped forcing Edge on Windows 11 users:

Jose Sierra

I... hate... how W11 forces Edge use. It's insulting and outrageous.

New comment on Web Reading Mode: The non-standard rendering mode:


I read the first two articles of the series and I had to stop and say thank you for what you wrote: this is the most detailed analysis I could find so far on web readability, terse and neat. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your thoughts on this theme!

New comment on PlanetSide 2 is now available on Linux:


Planetside 2 still holds the record of the biggest battle online in real time.

Eve Online uses Tidi (time dilatation) to host several thousands players. Each action takes minutes to be processed.

New comment on How to enable hibernation on Fedora Linux:


Works great on Fedora 40! Thanks!

New comment on XDG Base Directory shell scripting tutorial:


Thank you very much, I was doing a bunch of if conditions for each XDG variable when it was much simpler.

New comment on Firefox contained in Flatpak vs Snap comparison:

Linux user

I am using snap version of firefox and have been looking at firefox on flathub and I have noticed the flathub version is 1 version behind for last week which makes me think it is not updated as quickly as snap is and and I'm not sure why since other flatpaks seem to be more up to date then some snaps. I have never used fedora so i can not commit on that version. I have both snaps and flatpaks and like them over deb on ubuntu since its easier to stay updated on alot of programs and I now avoid other options, On a n100 fanless mini pc with 16gb of ram everything is fast regardless of what I use. I also use brave and perfer the snap version since the flatpak version has more warnings about being safe then other flatpaks. Snaps and flatpaks is all I use for software now since it will make upgrading easier is future..

New comment on Everything or Nothing: The missing James Bond theme song:


This song was released on 7inch vinyl single in US and as promo cd single in Spain.

More info on the cd release here:


I also uploaded that cd single for you: https://pixeldrain.com/u/bfn5ZBQe

New comment on Windows now blocks Edge browser competitors from opening links:

the extracool

My son and I have been using microsoft windows the last years. We came to the decision to change that. Microsofts Windows produces "backdoors" in their OS now for years (News and interesting Themes, Webbrower Locking for Search, other tools and restrictions to maintain collection of users behaviours and interest, and even much more. Not to forget, that Microsoft is a U.S. American Company and underlies the U.S. American Cloud Act in addition (even if we had nothing to hide, we don't like the feeling to be spied and scanned all the time). After its getting more and more difficult to customize the os, we have decided to change our Operating System to Linux. We started with a Dualboot Environment, but after 2 years using and comparing we will change this to use only linux since we noticed that there are enough possibielities to comfortably use the alternative. Looking in the future, we see also further hardware limitations coming which would enforce us to buy new hardware. we dissagree to that, since our hardware works still fine and we do not have more requirements to it. We think that the whole development is to force peaple to be even more dependent to the industry and even more control of the mean structures coming on. please consider thinking your situation over the same way. we wish you good descicions, even if it may be some kind of inconvenient in the beginning, it could be a good "investment of time" for your future. Thanks to Daniel for his engagement and work in the past. Keep going the alternative way.

New comment on 5 options for auto-mounting network shares on MacOS:


A totally free and open source solution is Network Share Mounter developed by a german university